Page 36: Polishing the Paint
April 2023


4/19/23: After curing for a couple of months, the color sanding and buffing was done over a few weeks. The results are spectacular! And I think the color is a very good match for Brambilla Blue.

I believe this week the chassis is being blacked out. I'll probably check on the car Friday. I'm so pleased and excited it's finally reached this significant milestone in the restoration.

In the meantime, the engine is being rebuilt by Vintage Lambo, LLC. I've known Bob Huber and Laust Pedersen for decades through the Lamborghini Club America. Both have impressed me with their attention to detail, experience, and engineering knowledge. For my engine, they are teaming with Jeff Stephan - another legend in Lamborghini restorations.

Here is an example of their work. The carburetors went in looking like this:

Then were completely dismantled, refinished, replated, and reassembled.

And now they look like this:

I can't wait to see (and hear) the engine when it's done. The goal is July 1st, to give Bobileff time to install it in the car before August.