Page 35: Happy New Year! I Have A Blue Car!
January 2023

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1/15/23: In November and December I spent a lot of time buying varying shades of blue paint, trying to get as close as possible to Brambilla Blue. After about six or seven tries and some custom tinting, I was finally happy with the color.

As the year drew to a close, the Miura was still in blue primer and final bodywork was being done (as hard as that was to believe). As Christmas approached I saw genunie signs that the end was near, including the sanded car moving in front of the paint booth.

Then on Jan 5 came the news I had been waiting for for months. Or perhaps for 40 years. Painting had started on the chassis and doors! On Thursday the color coat was applied.


Then on Friday came the clear coat. What a difference! Bellissima!


The following week the nose, tail, and trunklid were painted.

I am SO excited about this progress, and very happy with the color. I believe it's a good match for Brambilla's choice.

The bodywork started in Feb 2021 when it went back to Bobileff's after an 11-year break. The shop worked on the car about half time in the past two years, so that's around 2000 hours! At times it did seem like the never-ending project (bottomless money pit). There were so many weeks when it was difficult to tell that another 40 hours had gone into it. Now it seems like it's been transformed from a restoration project to an assembly project. Managable. Predictable. (Hopefully.) We'll see.

In the next few weeks the paint will be color sanded and buffed, and the chassis will be painted black. I look forward to sharing more photos and next steps.

Happy new year indeed!

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