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July 2021

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7/31/21: Another 176 hours have been spent on the project. There has been more bodywork, but most of the trauma has been about the doors. It started with the discovery of small holes in the bottom of the driver's (left) door.

Once that was peeled back, there was a lot of rust inside.

Fortunately that cleaned up pretty nicely. All the rust was removed, the metal was covered in Por-15, and welded up. Problem solved.

Looking For Trouble

"How does the passenger side look?" I asked.
"It seems okay. No holes in the bottom."
"Let's open it up." I said.

It was much worse for some reason, and needed significant surgery.

Then we peeled the door skin lip back to see what was under that. Guess what?

All that had to be fixed, on both doors. Unfortunately that means some gapping had to be redone. (I HATE rework!)

And the door vents got attention to clean them up.

In addition, the insides of the doors were cleaned out, especially at the bottom where the skin wraps around the frame and dirt and moisture are guaranteed to cause more rust. The joints have been protected and sealed so they should be fine for another 50 years. About 160 hours have been spent on fixing up the door metal! That's over $20k. These toys are not cheap to restore! I'm really glad they have been done well, but ouch! If you look back through all the early photos you'll see how badly this Miura was rusted, and how much metal has been replaced. I really hope that's the last of it. Finally. I'm just glad the value of the cars justify a proper restoration. Not that I wouldn't do it anyway - I love the car - but it's easy to get upsided down in a restoration, as anyone whose done it knows.

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