Page 32: Gapping Done. Bodywork Starts.
May 2021

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5/16/21: The car has been in the shop a bit over three months now and, with its "on two weeks, off two weeks" schedule, 259 hours have been spent on it. This has mostly been fixing the body and gapping, plus fabricating a new aluminum gas tank. One of the big steps (for me) was seeing the windscreen installed to check the fit. I was told it fit very well, and better than most. The side windows were installed too, to make sure they fit properly against the A-pillar and roof.

Here is the new gas tank, replacing the 53-year-old steel tank. In financial retrospect I should have just bought one, but so many reproductions don't actually look like the original. They often lack the flanges in the metal and have flat sides, edges without a lip, and stack-of-dimes tig welds. I wanted one that looked exactly like the original when painted, so although horrendously expensive, this should do the trick.

This is what they look like inside, and a few checks to make sure it fit correctly.

The rocker panels needed some work. Small tears were fixed up, and like everything else they were installed for fit.

Adjusting the gap between the front body and the rocker panel.

The louvers were installed and the spacing and curve of each one was adjusted.

With all the gapping and fitting done, the car moves into the bodywork stage. Now it will start to look like a car! This will probably also take a few months, but the end result will be a Brambilla Blue body! I'm so excited!

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