Page 20: SV Test & New Rods
June 2007

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Two new interesting developments to report. First, Gary conducted an experiment that I've been asking him to do. The SVs had improved rear suspension that converted the P400 and S lower inverted A arm with a trailing link to a proper A arm. (Actually it's more of an H.) This conversion was done about the same time on the Espada, Jarama, and Miura. In fact, the same lower control arm can be used on all three cars with minor modification. I've acquired a set of these SV arms (actually from an Espada, but they'll be converted) and want to upgrade my suspension. These arms add about 1.5" per side to the track, and the question has always been "Will they fit?" On the SV this 1.5" extra track was increased by the 9" wide rims with all extra 2" offset on the outside. This adds 3.5" per side or 7" total. To cover the extra 3.5" per side the rear fenders of the SV were considerably flared over the P400 and S. Personally I've always liked the smoother flanks of the earlier cars, but I want the improved suspension. If I use the 7" wheels, will the rear body fit without modification?

The experiment was simple. Take an SV, put 7" rear wheels on it, mount a P400 or S rear body clip, and close it carefully. I've seen a P400 with 9" wheels, and they fit. Tightly. Since that took an extra 2" and I only needed 1.5" it seemed like a good possibility.

Here is the result:


THEY FIT! So it's technically possible. There are a couple of other considerations. We want to make sure that there is no interferrence throughout the range of motion, and I'll need longer half-shafts. I'm planning to go with CV-joint half-shafts anyway, so right now I'm planning to do this upgrade.

The other exciting development is that my new rods arrived. These beauties are custom made from Carrillo Industries. Feast your eyes on these.

The new rods and new crankshaft mean I'll have a very strong, reliable engine. Now I just need to find two pistons in the same weight range as the other ten.

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