Page 19: The Interior
March 2007

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While the frame and body work continues, I took down the interior parts to have them reupholstered. Gary suggested a beautiful blue and cream leather combination, which I agreed would look great. It should take about six weeks to recover all of the interior parts.

Here's the pile-o-parts that I dropped off. This is not the original leather. The original interior was certainly vinyl. Leather didn't become an option until the S, and most of the original Miuras I've see have had vinyl interiors. The material and workmanship of the current leather is not very good. I'm looking forward to seeing it in its new colors, using a high-quality material.

The headliner with console from an S, purchased many years ago, will finally be used. Visible behind the center glovebox tray is the vent from the P400 ceiling. Its sliding mechanism and knob are in better condition than the one in the S headliner, so it will be used. To the right is vent cover that goes between the seats against the rear of the interior.

Below are all the guages from the car. Each will be tested and rebuilt if needed. The brown vinyl dash cover is original.

The center instrument console, with guages for (left to right, top to bottom)
  • Temp Acqua
  • Temp Olio
  • Press Olio
  • Benzina
  • Amperes
  • Clock
  • Warning lamps (Parking lights, Headlights, Second radiator fan, Alternator, Fog lamps)
A few very early cars have nine warning lamps! The function of the extra four are unknown.

Here are sample swatches of the leather and colors that will be used.

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