Page 15: New Crankshaft!
September 2004

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Sept 10 - The new crankshaft has arrived - a gleaming thing of beauty. Old crank on left, new one on right.

At one point I had decided to cancel the order and use the old crankshaft. I've talked to several people about it, and am convinced that the journals could be ground down to remove the microfractures caused by earlier work, and then welded or metal sprayed back up properly (See page 12). But by the time I had reconsidered, work on the new crankshaft had already started.

There are several places that do this work. (Costal Plating, Reynolds-French, etc.) Apparently the results can provide a harder surface than the original and are good enough for some pretty serious applications (for example, see Ellison Surface Technologies). Anyway, I'm certainly pleased with the new crank! I still have the original one so if anyone needs it please contact me.

More engine progress soon!

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