Page 12: Crankshaft
August 2003

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August 31st: Time to start on the engine. The frame is done except for a few S/SV mods and Bobileff's body shop is committed for a while, so we're going to tackle the heart of the beast - starting with the crankshaft.

The crank was checked for cracks and straightness when Bob and I rebuilt the engine in about 1980. The crank has been standing around in one corner or another since I bought the car, and occasionally sprayed with WD-40. Last year Gary sent it out with the block, rods, and pistons to have some engine work done, and the machine shop said the crank was cracked. That stalled the engine work until now. The crank is being sent off to another shop, which Gary swears by, for a detailed examination to determine exactly what condition it is in. Best case: it's fine. Worst case: it's a lamp stand and I have to have a new one made. There is a range of options in between, and I'll keep you posted on this page.

Friday, Aug 29. In the trunk of my car, heading off to Bobileff's.

October 18th: The analysis of the crankshaft found no structural cracks. The crank had been turned to 0.010" undersized, which I knew. The detailed examination found some non-structural microfractures in the surface, indicating that the journals had been welded up before it was turned. This is a typical side-effect of welding. However, because the crank is not perfect, and I'm doing such an extensive restoration on the rest of the car, I've decided to have a new one made. Stay tuned.

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