Page 10: The Engine Cage is Reinforced
March 2003

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March 19th: Implementing my idea for increasing frame strength and rigidity!

On its back again, this time to finish the rear frame around the motor. Notice the dark spot at the corner of the A-pillar and roof. This was bent in the accident and was straightened with the rest of the frame.
The X-braces are being tacked in place inside the lower frame (my idea). Compare this picture of the frame to the third picture on Page 4. From the factory, the frame tubes are hollow. Adding these Xs will add significant torsional rigidity and strength to the frame.
All of the pieces are being placed into the frame rails to check fit. They are being tacked into place now, and when they are all set they will be fully welded in.
This is the same view as the first picture on Page 6, with the floor welded in place.
Close up of one of the Xs.
The rear lower section of the fame is narrower than the side rails, so the reinforcement will be welded in diagonally. These box sections will be completely enclosed when the frame is finished, so all this work will be hidden inside. This frame will be very strong and stiff.
Last shot of the day. Notice the two vents welded over the air duct. These are S improvements that direct more air up toward the engine. More S and SV frame improvements to come.

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