Page 4: More Frame Rust
September 2000

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September 1st: The frame has been media-blasted (plastic pellets) and the very-rusty sections were sand-blasted. I think (hope) that the project is at its worst right now.
Back from the media blast where plastic pellets and sand (for the very rusty sections) have stripped away all paint and most of the rust. Now the frame can be examined to see what condition it is in. Unfortunately, the car has many cracks around the engine cradle, which I am told is typical. Here are two pictures of one of the worst cracks. Notice that the crack is on two sides of the frame, which means it is cracked half-way through!
Note that the interior of the lower, rear engine cradle/frame has almost no lateral supports. There are a couple of pieces near the suspension points. Most of this will be refabricated and several metal X's will be welded inside the square tube. This will greatly increase the stiffness of the frame around the engine.
While the rear has its share of rust, most of the damage was around the front of the frame where moisture and dirt enter the front duct. Dirt and water also get trapped under the gas tank. Here is the outside of the left front frame rail. Looks a bit like Swiss cheese, doesn't it? The entire front lower frame must be replaced.
At least the craftsmen at Bobileff Motors get to work on the car outside. It will be quite some time before this Miura is right-side-up again.
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