Page 5: Front Frame Work
October 2000

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October 28th: The frame is almost finished from the firewall (behind the passenger compartment) forward!
Here is the new right front frame rail welded in place. All metal used is thicker than the original, which increases the strength and stiffness.
The left side frame rail has been cut away in preperation for welding in the new one.
And here is Scott King, getting ready to set the new pieces in place.
The center tunnel repair is complete. Notice the flanges on the new metal, which again increase stiffness over the original. You can see the seam sealer that has been painted over every weld line and corner.
Here is the new air duct at the end of the center tunnel. The front of the car is to the left, and air is directed up into the passenger compartment. To the right of the ramp, a different air flow is directed into the engine compartment. The bolt holes for the seatbelt anchors have been reinforced with an extra layer of metal. The small hole on the left is where the throttle cable makes its way into the engine bay.
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