Early Miura S Cars

Probably the most significant changes in the Miura were between the P400 and S cars. The S was introduced in 1968. Originally the S was to be an option package over the "standard" P400, however the S quickly replaced the P400 and only a few P400s were made after the introduction of the S. For many years it was accepted that a total of 140 S cars were made from 1968 to 1970. Information released by Lamborghini in 2005 (see Production) cites 338 Miura S cars built, making them the most common of the three models. The S model may have started with chassis 3537. The Coltrin book identifies the car as the "Introduction of reinforced front chassis."

S headliner and visors. The headliner was changed from having six toggle switches just behind the rear-view mirror, to a center console that incorporates the switches in a three-by-two arrangement with interior lights and air vents.
S side badges. Side badging (just behind the doors) changed style.
S glovebox. The center "glove box" bin was given a locking lid hinged at the rear, and the ash tray was changed.
Shift lever and knob. The wooden shift knob was replaced with a leather-covered knob.