Done Sanding? Too Good To Be True?
February 2014

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Feb 3rd: Itís hard to fathom that 2013 went by without an update. The cars - Urraco, Miura, and MGB - all just sat there and got older, as did I. I did work on the Urraco occasionally, but not con brio. I started the engine once or twice a month, just to keep it up. Itís hard to start after itís been sitting so I need to figure out whatís going on there. Also, when I drove it home (a year ago?) the left front brake seized so I pulled both front calipers apart to rebuild them. It wasnít too hard to get them out, but now I need to find the proper seals to rebuild them. And I may as well do the rear ones too.

At the risk of being indulgent, here is one of the things that kept me from cars. My other love: Music. I play guitar and keyboards in a rock Ďn roll band and it takes a lot of time to learn new songs, practice, and rehearse weekly with the band. But itís great fun.

But back to cars. This past Sunday I finished sanding with 2000 grain sandpaper, buffed with a wool pad and some polishing compound, and finally with a foam pad and some light swirl-remover. The paint looks good and Iím declaring it done! (Unless I see things that need to be touched up next weekend.) It was a grey day and I couldnít quite look for remaining orange peel or scratches, but Iím pretty happy with it.

I masked the car off, and started buffing

Here are some shots showing reflections in the paint. First, the roof:

Passenger door:

Close up of passenger door:

I then triumphantly pulled off all the masking paper and cleaned it up. Here it is for the first time in years with no tape or paper.

I hope next weekend is brighter so I can really examine the paint. And I hope it's all done. Finally. Then I'll start putting it back together.

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