Putting It Back Together
August 2014

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August 5th: Itís August, and all die-hard car fans know what that means: Monterey. The Weekend. Car Mecca. I've decided to finish the Urraco and bring it to the Concorso Italiano, so I've been making great progress and I will finish it in time. It's been going back together pretty well, but I only have a week. Watch this space!

I started working on the back, installing the tail lights, bumper, etc. I was able to polish up the upper lenses, but replaced the lower ones. The original license plate lamps are pretty pitted, so I've orders some in better condition. I may have the original rechromed, but don't have time before the Concorso. Fortunately all the other chrome is in good condition.

Since this is one of only 21 U.S. specification Typo 111 cars, I decided to keep the big bumpers and sider markers. I don't think they look bad.

I'll get to the front tomorrow. Today I'm finishing up the doors.

This hasn't been on the car for many years.


August 13th: After many, many hours the car is almost finished.

Last week I rebuilt the front brake calipers. One of the 4 pistons in the left caliper had seized. They work (and look) great now.

This morning I got current license tags. The people at the DMV were very helpful in getting the car properly licensed in California after being non-operational for 20 years! I hadn't really thought about how long it's been, but the last time it was registered was 1994.

There are still a few things not on the car, such as the windshield trim, but it's pretty complete and I took it out for a short test drive this afternoon. I had forgotten what a great car it is. The engine ran beautifully, thanks to Erik Rathmann at Rathmann Auto Works. He has been a big help to me on this project and will work on the Miura too.

Now I need to sort everything out, starting with the electrical system. Fortunately many things still work!

Unfortunately many things don't. There just isn't time to fix everything before the Concorso Italiano this Saturday. Most importantly I wanted to get the A/C working and get new tires. Although the Michelin XWXs are the correct tires, they are about 15 years old and only good to drive onto a trailer and from the trailer to a spot on the lawn for a show. I want to drive the car, so new tires are a must!

While I'm very disappointed not to be taking the car to Monterey, I have made GREAT progress in the last two weeks, and a 20 year restoration is almost finished. I'm pretty happy about that. After The Weekend, I'll take care of all of the remaining issues and really finish it!

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