Page 29: The Miura Comes Home
November 2009

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11/14/09: Making Room

After almost 10 years at Bobileff's, the Miura has come home. Not exactly the way I dreamed it would leave the shop, but basically I've run out of project funds and have decided to (have to) finish it myself. The first step was to make room, so the Urraco had to go. It's been put in storage, along with my 1967 MGB. Now, where did I put that passenger door? This is what comes of having too many projects. The poor MGB is last in line for a restoration, but I'm looking forward to that project.

11/21/09: The Miura Comes Home

With the Urraco tucked away in storage, the following weekend, Nov 21, the Miura was on the road for the first time in 10 years. Sort of. Getting ready to go, at Bobileff's the car was all taped up for the ride home.

Then it was loaded on a tow truck for the careful drive home.

I drove behind the truck, watching nervously as the Miura swayed and bounced around. Although it was a short drive, we stopped once to check and tighten all the straps. It arrived home without incident.

I'm very excited to have it home, and have already done some work on it. I'll add more photos before the end of the month. There are still LOTS of parts to retrieve from Bobileff's, so I'm going there on the weekends and picking up trunk-loads of stuff, carefully photographing and inventorying each pile o'parts. It will be a few more trips before I have everything.

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