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May 2008

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May 25: More Brambilla Blue found!

The undercoating is being removed from the front wheel wells and underneath we found Brambilla Blue. This is great because the color has been protected from the elements and won't have faded. We'll match this to make sure the original custom color is duplicated.
Work on the body and frame seem to be winding down to a few details, like taking out the small steel braces holding the aluminum body parts and reconditioning them. Of course, it's the last 20% of the work that takes 80% of the time.
Here the back bumper and taillights are test fit. All the trim is put on the car to see how it will all fit together before parts are chromed or painted and the body is painted.
Many of the other parts, like these brake calipers, are being readied for the final assembly.
Fortunately the transmission is in very good condition and won't need much work.
And I'm lucky to have some fairly rare parts, like this battery cover. That what comes of having the car sit in a garage for 25+ years.
I'm making a few parts myself. Here's the passenger grab handle, cut from a 1/4" piece of steel. It needs more work before it's ready for upholstery.

And here are the brackets that hold the footrest, before and after sandblasting and painting.

I spent today, May 25, at Bobileff's working on the car. Dave put me to work on the driver's side tail gap. They had welded on extra aluminum to close up the gap, and I filed in down until the gap was even and smooth. For those who wonder how so many hours can be spent on bodywork, I highly recommend you spend a day at the shop working on your car. For those who do the work themselves, this comes as no surprise. I enjoyed working on the car and plan to spend some time every weekend at the shop. This time of year (three months before The Monterey Weekend) someone is at Bobileff's every weekend. It's their busy season.

I'll add more soon.

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