Page 24: Miscellaneous Updates
January 2008

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The restoration is now progressing at a steady rate. I'll probably do a page a month until it's done. The plan is to have it ready for Monterey in August.

My daily commute takes me within a block of Bobileff Motorcars, and it's almost impossible to resist the temptation to just stop by and see how it's going. I'm trying to walk the balance between being an excited, participating customer and being an annoyance. Fortunately, Gary and his staff are understanding and quite tolerant.

Here's a photo from page 92 of the book Lamborghini, The cars from Sant'Agata Bolognese by Box and Crump. Bob Wallace (right) and an unidentified person pick up the original Jota frame to show how light it is.

I'm sure the Jota was lighter than a stock Miura frame, but even so Nigel and I had no trouble picking up my frame. And we had the doors on too!

On Jan 12th I took all of the Miura parts that remained in my garage to Bobileff Motors. My garage is a bit cleaner now.

The final few frame updates are being completed. Here are the S-style front latches being installed.

The brackets have been added for the S/SV headrests, which have tabs on them. The P400 headrests are bigger and screw into the frame. The later headrests are easy to lift out to clean the glass.

Nigel made a new subframe for the rear body clip, since mine was bent up a bit. This one is made out of better steel and is stronger than the original.

And finally my windscreen is temporarily installed to make sure it fits properly. (It's a perfect fit.) It almost looks like a car again.

With only a few very minor frame updates remaining, the body work has started. The front and doors are in good condition, but the rear still has to be straightened. Mounting points and latches for the front, back, and doors will be carefully aligned so all panels are flush with the best gaps. Then any inconsistencies in the gaps will be corrected by adding or subtracting small amounts of metal as needed. The result will be a body that fits together perfectly.

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