Page 2: Removing The Bottom
June 2000

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The entire bottom of the car was rusted badly. There was a rust hole in the driver's floor that you could putt a golf ball through. Restoring the frame is a huge part of the total project. The final bill is not in yet, but I suspect it will be over a third of the cost.

First step - the entire floor and lower frame sections were removed. A small bit of floor was left near the pedal mounts. You can see the bottom of a jack stand near the pedal mounts.
With the suspension removed and the floor being cut away, you can really start to see the extensive rust problem. As discouraging at it is, Gary assured me that my car is no worse than most. He has done many Miuras, and they all have the same rust problems.
As long as the frame is being rebuilt, I'm having many S improvements added, like this extra support section.
The entire frame is flipped on its back so work on the frame can be easily accomplished.
Here is were most of the frame work will be done. The whole area around the engine will be rebuilt due to rust problems, dents, and poor factory welds. Extra braces will be added inside the box sections for stiffness, and the entire assembly will be continously welded. The factory only stitch-welded the frame.

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