Factory Options for the Miura

The following options were offered by the factory in 1970:
Option Price in liras (1970)
Non-standard color 100,000
Metalic color 200,000 (150,000*)
VIP Interior (leather) 200,000 (180,000*)
Wing (fender) mirrors 27,500
Set of suitcases 180,000 (152,000*)
Rear view mirrors 30,000*
VIP pearlized color 450,000
Triple anchorage seat belt 40,000
Air conditioning 500,000 (350,000*)
Right-hand drive 500,000
Radio/stereos (Autovox, Marelli, Blaupunkt, Philips, Voxson, and Becker 55,750 to 225,000
Complete blanketing of the electrical plant to prevent disturbances to radio reception 12,500

Air conditioning, avaliable in S and SV cars, is identified by three openings in front of the passenger to let the cool air into the passenger compartment. No one has ever told me this worked well. (Click photo to enlarge.)

* Suggested retail price quoted to importer Bob Estes by the factory in 1970. See the Estes Files.