Cade's County - My First View of a Miura

It was the two-part episode Slay Ride. Part 1 (episode # 1.16) aired on 31 January 1972 and part 2 (episode # 1.17) aired on 6 February 1972. I was in high school then, but I remember a couple of scenes, even after 30 years!

The basic plot is that someone buys a Miura, but it is taken for a joy ride and winds up injuring or killing someone. One scene had the Miura crashing into a phone booth attempting to kill the person on the phone. The police took some paint samples and had them analyzed. The results were that the paint type was only used on three cars: Maserati, Lamborghini, and De Tomaso. The paint would have been Italver then, later bought by PPG. I suppose Ferrari was using Sikkens or something else.

Near the end of the show the Miura leapt out of a barn at someone, actually leaving the ground. I remember thinking they had to have built a ramp in the barn and taken a running start at it from outside the back of the barn - not very realistic. The hero took a few shots at the car and it stopped with smoke coming out of the louvers.

I've tried to find more information about the show, or even a copy of the episodes, without much luck. Here are a couple of Cade's County links:


This is pretty exicting! I just found that these episodes were posted on YouTube last November:

I will watch them this weekend and see how good my memory is. This show was the first time in my life that I saw a Miura. What an impact that car had!

Notes after watching: My memory isn't perfect. It doesn't leap out of the barn, but it does run someone off the road and knock over a phone booth. Pretty good for a show I saw 50 years ago! The car was a red P400, identified by the headrests and pulls for the rear clip in the door jambs. But it had bright trim around the headlights and the front bumper looks chromed. There were no badges on the back and it had four tailpipes. It's never called a Miura in the show. They refer to it as a GT400 and even mention back seats! Still, it was fun to see after so many years.