Getting The Body Primered
July 2004

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July 12th: Last week I finished painting most of the car in primer. This was a lot of work. I had last week off from work, and managed to get most of the car coated.

Click on any of the following pictures for a larger image.

The roof, trunk, and left side of the car were done a while back. I have done the car in sections because the metal has to be perfectly clean and I could not get the whole car clean before the first section I cleaned had rusted. Rust will form within hours - certainly overnight. Here is the center and right side in very clean metal.
I'm using all PPG products for this project. After the metal had been treated with DX579 cleaner and then DX520 conditioner, it was coated with DPLF Epoxy Primer and finally K36 Prima Acrylic Urethane. This is an extremely durable coating that will protect the metal for a very long time.
Here are the sides.

I still have to primer the front hood and headlight buckets. I'll do that this weekend. The next step is to go over the body to block it out and make sure the panels are very flat. Any imperfection has to be smoothed out before proceeding. I don't think it will need much work.

July 18th: Yesterday I cleaned up the headlight buckets and front hood. This took as much time as the side of the car last weekend.
Here are the headlight buckets.
The hood was difficult to clean and paint because of the shape. I had to go over it several times to get the metal perfectly clean before it could be primered. Like most things, this took a lot longer than I thought. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get a good coat inside the hood, between the louvers, but it turned out very nice. I'm sure the color coat will be good too.

July 24th: Today I primered the driver's side door jamb and the sides of the doors. They came out beautiful! Click on images for larger picture.
Here is the driver's door.
And the passenger's door. I'm very pleased with the way they came out.
Here is the leading end of the driver's door jamb. This also came out very nice.
Center of the jamb. Most of this will be covered with a threshold plate.
And end of jamb. All this painting (and last weekend) was done with a DeVILBVISS EGA-502 touch up gun. The red marks are spot putty for filling minor scratches.

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