Suspension Back Together
October 2018


Another year of the car sitting on jackstands while I looked for parts. I couldn't find suitable replacements for the shocks so I decided to rebuild them.

The shafts were badly worn and slightly bent.

Here is a closeup of the old hard chrome worn off:

I found a shop that would do the hard chroming and straighten them for a reasonable price.

The Teflon bushings were also worn. Fortunately they were easy to find.

I had the springs powder coated. The rears were black, and surprisingly the fronts were white. The original colors were on the tops and bottoms of the springs where they had been pressed against the rubber padding.

Finding the right boots was difficult. They had to be the correct length and diameter (big enough to cover the strut and small enough to fit inside the springs), and have the right top and bottom opening (different sizes). After ordering a few that didn't work, I finally found ones that did. (If you're really curious, write me.) When assembling, put the boot on the top part first. After it's all together the bottom part can be (painfully) worked over the bottom of the shock.

I also found bumpers that work nicely. Here is a test fit.

Once I had all the parts and oil (I used 7wt shock oil), reassembly began. I tried very hard not to scratch the beautiful springs.

And here they are, ready to go back in the car, after a year!

Unfortunately all this beauty is hidden behind the wheels and tires.

I installed the new interior (photos coming soon) and it's back on the road again. Now I need to get it realigned.