Steering Rack
April 2016

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2015 went by like a blur. I can't believe I didn't add a single posting, but that's how some years go. I have been working on the Urraco, and even driving it! I got a set of the proper Michelin XWX tires from Coker Tires and they make a big difference.

I haven't been driving it much because I haven't had the front end aligned yet, and I don't want to wear those expensive tires the wrong way. I haven't had it aligned because the steering rack has had a clunk in it ever since I bought the car. I finally decided to do something about it, so today I pulled the rack out of the car.

It's pretty easy to pull out; there are only nine nuts to undo. When I opened the rack, I found what I had been told to expect: A bushing at one end was completely destroyed.

Here are the main parts, all cleaned up.

Fortunately everything else is in excellent condition. Here is the rack and worm gear with no real wear at all. Now I just need to find a new bushing.

May Update

The replacement bushing arrived Friday, April 29. I worked on the car until about 8:30 that evening to get it together for the San Diego Bella Italia event on April 30. It was the Urraco's first show. Here is the new bushing on the left, and a polyurethane copy on the right. These came from BetaBoyz in the UK.

And here is the restored steering rack. Fortunately the rubber was in excellent condition - not dry or cracking. I filled it with about a half quart of 40 weight oil. I haven't found a new steering dampener yet. The old one was leaking badly.

And here it is at the show! It's so nice to drive it around without any clunking noise coming from the steering rack. Really - it's a joy.

There's still more to do, so more updates coming soon. I want to have it PERFECT for Monterey in August. Yes, this is the year!

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