6 Sept 03 - I've been building car models since I could take my $1 allowance and buy a 98 model. Sometimes I'd buy a 10 comic book at a 5 candy bar and some 10 Testors paints. (If you're not sure when such prices existed, you're too young. This was in the late 1960s and early 1970s.)

Here are some of the plastic and die cast Miuras I've acquired over the years, from my teenage days of makeing models in the garage with my friends Bruce and Kevin, to the most recent. Many were purchased on eBay). I promise to take some better photos of the ones that didn't come out so well.

Metal Die Cast

Anson 1:18

My wife gave me this model for Christmas many years ago. Note that although it appears to have 12 carburetter throats, it has just 6 sparkplug wires down the center of the block. ??

AutoArt 1:18

24 Apr 04 - This is simply the best Miura model I have ever seen. The level of detail is amazing. And it really is an SV, unlike many of the other SV models (like the Fujimi below) that are really S or even P400s. This has SV head lights, and tail lights, rear suspension, CV joints, 9" rear wheels, and flared rear fenders.

I chose the orange color because the first Miura I drove was "Miura Rosso" or Lobster. It also comes in red or yellow. You can find these on eBay pretty regularly. I also have an AutoArt MGB-GT and Alfa Romeo 1750GTV. All of these cars are just outstanding. I'll try to post some better pictures later.

Clivedon Collection

This is a nice, gold plated tie tack that I found on eBay.

Corgi 1:24

One of the classics.

Del Prado 1:24

Easy to find on eBay.

Hotwheels 1:43

A new release. It looks very nicely done, but I haven't taken it out of the box yet.

IMU 1:87 (HO)

Made in Germany. Good proportions.

Koysho 1:18 Countach LP400

24 Apr 04 - This is an incredibly detailed diecast model. A photo doesn't do it justice. It is just as detailed as the AutoArt Miura. I'll add more pix later.

Legend 1:43

Very nicely done.

LookSmart 1:43

This is the first model I've bought of this caliber. (In other words, over $25.) I bought in in Monterey this year. It is incredibly detailed, as you can see from the enlargement of the side. You can read "bertone" on the badge! I bought a yellow one, because after I paint and sell my Urraco, this will be my keepsake. They have a nice range of Lamborghini models, and I'm afraid I'm now going to have to collect one of each. Go to the LookSmart web site.

Matchbox #20

Unfortunately, Lamborghini and Bertone only made one Lamborghini Marzal. I had the pleasure of sitting in it in 1988 at the Bertone design studio in Turin during the Lamborghini Club's tour for Lamborghini's 25th anniversary party. Read more on the Marzal.

Matchbox #33

Matchbox K-24

From their king-sized line.


The sliver car is a Micro Machines from Galoob. (Visit Pure Micros to see more Micro Machines.) The red one came from Japan, but I have no idea who made it.

Polistil 1:18

This Countach model was given to me by the factory in 1988 when Lamborghini celebrated its 25th anniversary. Not that I was singled out. Everyone I was with (the Lamborghini Club America group) received either a red one or a black one.

Rio 1:43

Rio 1:43

Tomica 1:62

Made in China.

Verem 1:43

Made in France.

Plastic Kits

Bandai 1:24

I built this Marzal model when I was a kid. It is motorized, and nicely detailed. I have acquired an unbuilt kit from eBay that I may make one day. Perhaps before I do that, I'll rebuild this one. It's old and delicate and ready to be restored. :-) Anyway, the seats should be silver.

Fujimi 1:20

Another model from my childhood. I saved the boxtop. Although the model says it's an SV (and I painted SV on the back) it's really something between a P400 and an S. If I had known more at the time, I could have done a more accurate job on it, but there are still many inaccuracies in the model. There is one dead give-away in these photos that it's not an SV. Do you know what?

Testors Jota SVR 1:24

And another from my teen years. This model is not of the original Jota, but of one of the factory SVs that was converted to Jota-like specs. As I recall, it needed a bit of modification to get closer, such as shaving off the fins on the doors vents. See the original.

Testors 1:24

I cut the roof off this Miura just to try something different. It almost looks Brambilla Blue, doesn't it?